Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I can't believe today was Kylie's last day of dance class!  She has enjoyed it so much and I've seen so much growth in her since starting in January.  We've yet to decide what to do for the summer, I think we might join a mom's group.  I know she is going to miss going to dance, she asks every day if it's time to go to dance.  I've explained to her that this was her last class so we'll see if she understands that or not.

Here are some pictures from a previous week.

Doing her stretches

 She loves to jump over the shoes and always tries so hard, but she still can't manage to jump with both feet at the same time.  I'm hoping she figures out how to jump soon!

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Skye said...

aww she loves it! Well. when julianna's swim lessons were over, we told her its the end, and that was March. She still says "Oh its saturday, time for swim lessons".... Um no, sorry charlie! they are over lol.
Yeah good idea- find a 'mommy & me" group this summer. Here, our local library has them and some other places. I wish I could join one but they are weekdays only usually, bummer.