Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day!

On the Friday before Mother's Day, I had a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to me!  When I asked Kylie who they were from, she told me they were from her.  I then asked her if she was the one that picked them out and she said yep.  I asked who paid for them and she said she did.  I suspect she had some help with ordering the flowers, but she sure was quick to take all the credit ;)

Enjoying a yummy hot dog!

The day before Mother's Day we went to a small town rodeo with my mom.  We ate before it started and as soon as Kylie was finished eating she told us she was full and all done and basically she was ready to leave.  Luckily we didn't have to wait too long until it started.  She loved seeing the cows and horses.  The best part is with it being in a small town, you are right there by all the action.  She would make faces, giggle, clap, and cheer during it!  She clapped after someone was bucked off a horse, my mom asked if she was clapping for the horse or the cowboy and she said for the horse!  She did better than I expected sitting there for it, though towards the end she was ready to go see Paw.  Kylie even got to high five the rodeo clown!

Maw and Kylie
Pictures from Mother's Day

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