Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Easter Bunny!

Kylie was so excited when we told her we were going to see the Easter Bunny and that she would get to sit in his lap.  I wasn't sure how she was going to do once she actually saw the giant bunny though!   We were there and waiting when the Easter Bunny arrived and she was very excited and waved at him.  She didn't hesitate to get in his lap and didn't mind one bit when we walked away from her.  Basically the child is scared of Santa Claus, but is perfectly fine with an oversized bunny rabbit!
First picture, she was all smiles!  The lady had to tell her to put her hands down though.  Afterwards I remembered her doing the same thing other years, where she didn't seem to really know what to do with her hands!
The picture that we chose~hands down and smiling  :)
When the lady told her to do this pose, I was thinking that there was no way Kylie was going to do it, but she did and it was pretty cute!
Waiting patiently with Daddy.  It has been so windy here, she's learned to hold onto her hat or bow, we had to keep telling her we were inside that her hat wasn't going to blow away!

The day before we were at Chick-fil-a and the cow came around to visit, Kylie was THRILLED!  She keeps telling us how he gave her a high five and two thumbs up!  I'm so happy that she wasn't scared.

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