Sunday, March 17, 2013

Petting Zoo

Last year, Kylie enjoyed going to the Rodeo and seeing all the animals and we couldn't wait to take her again this year!  She is such an animal lover, she would rather play with stuffed or plastic animals over baby dolls most days.  She loves any and all animals.  We told her a few days before that she was going to get to see animals so then each day she would ask if we were going that day.  From now on, we're not telling until the day of!

Chad took a day off of work so we could avoid the weekend crowds and we made sure to not go on Spring Break.  It wasn't too crowded, though I was surprised by all the kids there on field trips.  I can't imagine having to keep up with elementary kids there and I am so thankful that we never went there on a field trip!

The weather was great for this time of year, it was warm, but windy.  The wind only bothered us while we were trying to eat lunch, otherwise it wasn't any problem.
On the tram~she insisted it was a choo-choo

I love how gentle she is with animals.
so many of my pictures are of the back of her, she was constantly on the move
Kylie and Daddy
I can't remember ever seeing a turkey in a petting zoo before???  Kylie thought it was funny and kept gobbling at it, but wouldn't try to touch it.
Turkey and goats
Baby goat standing on a sheep
Look at that smile!
Mommy and her cowgirl 
 Check back for more rodeo pics!

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