Monday, December 15, 2008

Weather and 3 1/2 Days!!!!!

It was freaking cold today!!! I wore a short sleeve t-shirt and only had a light jacket that I keep in my classroom to wear. It was warm when I got to work, but by the time we went to enrichment at 8:10, everyone was already talking about how cold it was. Parents kept bringing jackets to their kids today. This weather sure caught us off guard! I froze at bus duty today. Tomorrow I will be prepared with scarf, gloves, and a heavy jacket!

I have my observation tomorrow at 9:30.

There are only 3 1/2 days until we are out of school for Christmas!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!! I can't wait!

I need to finish wrapping some presents, but other than that I am ready! We're going to celebrate with my family, all of us will actually be there on Christmas Day this year, for this first time in a long time.

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