Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, we left to go to my parents as soon as Chad got off work. We were hoping that everyone had already left and that traffic wouldn't be bad......well, that was NOT the case. Of course traffic was bad. We were hoping to make it to church and luckily we did. I talked to my mom on the way and told her we would plan on meeting them there, but might be a few minutes late. We walked in right as church was starting. It was a very nice service, geared a lot towards kids, which is always fun. After church, we went to my cousins to eat and stayed there until about 10, then went back to my parents, unloaded presents, etc. We sure were excited about Santa coming and finally decided we better get to sleep, didn't want him to pass us up! Also, we convinced my dad not to build a fire in the fireplace, didn't want Santa getting burned!

Christmas Eve at my cousin's house.
The baby laughs, cries, and kicks her feet

Chad got stuck baby-sitting the baby and wasn't real sure what to do with it!
I love this picture!

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