Sunday, December 30, 2012


Trying to convince Kylie to go back to the other room for one last present~she really didn't want to.
I hate that this pic is blurry, but this was when she finally saw the car and realized that it was hers!!
Running to the car.
Uncle Tommy giving a quick driving lesson.
took off a little faster than she expected!
She was a very quick learner and no one was safe!  She would run into you and then say "scue me"
 We quickly realized we needed to move her on outside with the car!

 So glad she got the car on Christmas Eve when the weather was nice.  
Christmas Day will be saved for a different post~let's just say the car survived a tornado and yes, it was one of the first things I checked on once it was all over!!


Skye said...

Look how much fun she's having!! I love that you guys are in shorts on CHristmas eve.... but wondering about the tornado ??? I love Kylie's car!

Alicia said...

Kylie loves her car so much, I wasn't even sure if she would know what to do or even be into it yet! It was pretty warm on Christmas Eve, then a front started moving in and we had bad weather with that, complete with a tornado at my parents Christmas morning. Kylie's car was outside on the porch during it all and it wasn't even moved, while other things were destroyed. It was scary!! Will do a blog post soon, maybe tomorrow.