Tuesday, December 14, 2010

what we've been up to...

loves being able to sit up and play

watching tv :)

trying some small pieces of peaches

face doesn't show it, but she likes Baby Mum-Mums

messy eater

sweet, shy smile~she has started laying her head to the side and then giving a little smile!

chewing on her tag blanket that my mom made her

sweet smile after a nap

caught a fish while napping!

so excited to be able to touch the coffee table leg


Skye said...

Ooh we have the same chair for Julianna. I love it b/c we can bring it with us to visit our parents, etc. What a sweet smile Kylie has!! I need to get those foam link mats for the floor - We have a wood floor, and I have been stressing out about Julianna playing on the floor and hitting her head... those foam mats (sorry, I don't know the name of them) Look like they will protect their head if they fall backwards ... putting that on my list.

Alicia said...

I do love the chair! They are puzzle mats, we ordered from here
They are even softer than what we expected and she has hit her head on them more than once and it doesn't appear to hurt her. When she was first learning to roll she would just throw her body over and hit pretty hard, but it never bothered her. We bought them to go in her playroom (used to be our dining room and it has ceramic tile) but are using them in the living room for right now. Kylie is also into feeling the texture of different things and the mats have different textures and she loves running her hands and fingernails over them.

Skye said...

Alicia - Thanks for the "review" - I just ordered them for Christmas! It will be a nice surprise for my husband too - we were discussing getting something for the floor anyway! Perfect choice! :)
I'm sure I'll be posting about the play mat in the near future!

kitten said...

I love Kylie's pictures, she is always so cute and smiling! Such a happy baby! :)

Alicia said...

Thank you! She usually is happy, but with all this teething lately, we've had a lot more sad days than usual.

@Skye I hope you enjoy the mat! I'm sure you will, just last night Kylie was reaching and fell over and landed on the mat and she just turned and looked at me and smiled, never even cried about her head hitting it.