Monday, December 27, 2010

7 Months!!

check out the look on her face...preview of the teenage years???
On the 23rd, Kylie turned 7 months old!  Time sure is flying by.  Kylie has her first cold right now :( we've had several sleepless nights, but she's still keeping a smile on her face during the day!  Kylie talks all the time, she always seems to have something to say and we've heard a few words here and there....she says "Hey" and "Mama" all the time.  She has said "Dada" one time and yesterday after Chad said Kit-Kat she said what sounded like "Cat".    Her favorite toys are anything that makes noise and stuffed animals, oh and anything with a tag on it!  She's doing a great job of sitting up on her own.  We have been super busy with Christmas celebrations and I'll update with pictures from Christmas soon!

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Skye said...

Oh Happy 7 months to Kylie -
Time flies!
I am so jealous that she says words already! How incredible is that?! I hope Kylie's first Christmas was as wonderful as Julianna's was! Can't wait to see some pictures :)