Wednesday, December 1, 2010

6 month appointment

Kylie turned 6 months last week, but due to Thanksgiving her appointment was today.  She had a great appointment!  She is 16 pounds 7 ounces and 25 1/2 inches long and everything looks good.  Her skin rashes were even fine today, so I'm going to just keep using the products I have been using.  Kylie cried while getting the shots, but stopped the instant I picked her up.  The nurse told her she was a big faker since she stopped that quickly and she was already smiling and waving at the nurse.  She has been fine today so hopefully no problems from this round of shots, she got her flu shot today also, so it was a total of 4 today.

pretty in red!

long sleeves one day and then sleeveless and shorts the next, gotta love Texas weather

2nd tooth has come thru!

trying to get her dressed after her bath and she just wanted to roll instead

all bundled up to go shopping!

does a good job at scooting backwards, hasn't figured out she can move forward yet

sleeping off shots

checking out the tv


Skye said...

I love Kylie's zebra print outfit! Too cute! Isn't it funny how they learn how to 'fake' so early! Julianna does the same thing... she does the fake cry, and the minute you look at her or pay attention, she stops crying & smiles. Ohhh what a little faker! We are in so much trouble, she knows how to manipulate already! Hahaha! I guess all our little ones learn this stuff real early!

Alicia said...

Thanks! I can't believe that they already know the fake cry! It amazes me how smart and how quick they seem to learn. That's funny that Julianna does it also! I think we are raising some drama queens :)