Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Food Update

Kylie loves rice cereal and green beans (by themselves and mixed together). Kylie has NO love for carrots. She gagged at first and then when I gave her another bite she just held it in her mouth with her mouth wide open and wouldn't swallow. I thought I would out wait her, but she won and I ended up fishing the carrots out of her mouth. We'll wait a while before trying carrots again!

 Carrots :(

Green Beans :)

Just some pics from the last several days.  We finally have a little cooler weather and Kylie is getting to wear some warmer clothes!  We have also gone outside the last couple of days and it felt so good out there, Kylie enjoys watching the leaves!

It wasn't cold enough in the house for a hood, but had to put it on for the picture!

holding onto her frog, she always smiles and reaches for the frog when she gets in her carseat, she has actually held onto the frog the whole time we have grocery shopped before!

just chillin' on Daddy's shoulder

funny face!

has a love for this teddy bear lately!


Unknown said...

She is soo cute. Love the second picture...bet you wish you knew what she was thinking but I bet you can guess. haha. I can't wait to find out what foods Chloe will hate/love.

Alicia said...

I am sure she was calling me all kinds of bad names after feeding her carrots!