Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ads~The Biggest Loser

I am starting to get mad at these ads that are being displayed, they are always about losing weight and belly fat! Is google trying to tell me something?????

I have joined The Biggest Loser at work, our school is going to be competing against other schools in the district. Our first weigh-in was last Friday and it will go on until the beginning of May. My goal is to be THE BIGGEST LOSER ever! I'll post after Friday's weigh-in how much I lost for the week. I am also exercising daily, along with counting calories so hopefully I will start noticing my weight dropping soon!

Now google, at least has a good reason to put the weight loss ads on here, since I have done a post about wanting to lose weight :)


angie said...

Visiting from SITS. Good luck on your goal, sounds like you've got some pretty good motivation. I, on the other hand, am still trying to find mine (as if the fact that my clothes are shrinking isn't motivation enough!).

Shana said...