Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Kylie was so excited about it being Daddy's birthday!  Earlier in the week, I bought candles and told her that they were for Daddy's birthday, she then held the candles the whole time and pretended to blow them out over and over.  That night, she told Daddy all about cake and blowing out candles~I knew that she was telling him what we had bought at the store (to surprise him), but luckily I was able to play it off as we had just been talking about birthdays!  The whole week she talked about cake, blowing out candles, and party hats!
Instead of a cake, we decided to make and decorate brownies, for something different.
Quality control~every good chef has to taste to make sure the food is good!
Another quick lick
Look Mommy!

We made party hats!
Kylie and Daddy wearing their party hats~she insisted we all wear them , apparently it's not a birthday without party hats!

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