Thursday, July 28, 2011

14 Months~July 23rd

Kylie is now 14 months old!
Kylie's still a good eater and will taste anything at least once.  She always wants whatever we are eating and checks our plates to make sure she has the same things and if she doesn't then she will beg until we give her a bite.  One of her most used words is "bite", she is always begging for food.

love this hibiscus!
Kylie has 10 teeth now~she cut 2 bottom molars recently and it wasn't fun for any of us...
She has constantly had at least one finger in her mouth lately, cutting those molars is tough work
loves helping me cook
checking out what's behind the refrigerator
getting a lot of hair :)
She's getting soooo big!

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Skye said...

Awww ... her & JUles are right on track with each other. Glad Kylie is a good eater... Julianna is too! (Thank goodness!) - And I did notice Kylie is getting more hair! HOoray!! :) So cute! Getting so big..... SIGHHH!