Friday, May 13, 2011

My First Mother's Day!!!

I had a great Mother's Day!!! Hard to believe that this time last year I was beginning to think that I would be pregnant forever...on bed rest and that horrible, no salt diet and now I have a beautiful baby girl that's almost a year old! The day started with flowers, a balloon, cards, and a "Mom" necklace! We then went to my brother's to spend the day with my family. Good food and a great cake, what more could you ask for! Kylie had a great time, she loves attention and there was plenty to go around for her.

Grandma made the dress and I made the bow :)
hoping someone would see her and rescue her

always reaching for the dog, she loves animals!
trying to get the dog to come back to her

didn't like the swing that day for some reason
always begging for food


Skye said...

What a cute dress!! Awww. Glad you had a nice mother's day. Julianna reaches for the dog all the time too - so funny! :)

Alicia said...

The dog is my brother's and this was the first time Kylie had been around her and she LOVED that dog! My brother has a 2 year old granddaughter, so the dog is very used to babies and loves them so much, Kylie had a great time!