Tuesday, May 24, 2011

1 Year!

Kylie turned 1 yesterday!!!  I can't believe that it has been a year since she was born, it seems just like yesterday, time has really flown by!  Kylie's weekend was full of partying and yesterday she went to the zoo for the first time!  Her 1 year appt was this morning, she is 20 pounds 3 1/2 ounces and 29 inches long. 

At 1 year, Kylie:
no longer drinks from a bottle
gave up her pacifier on her own
is starting on whole milk
eats just about anything we give her, favorites are peaches, peas, carrots, and she LOVES chicken
she isn't walking, but pulls up and cruises along anything that she can hold onto, including the wall
gives hugs and kisses
likes to make noises and make us laugh
"talks" all the time
has the sweetest laugh you have ever heard!
loves going places and being around people
favorite toys are...remote, stuffed animals/dolls, cell phone, junk mail, magazines, anything that makes noise
loves being outside
waves bye-bye
learning to pet Kit-Kat instead of pull her hair
knows pat-a-cake~claps and then throws them in the pan
loves peek-a-boo and will peek around the couch to play with us and with Kit-Kat
has had her first kids meal~chicken nuggets of course :)
says~mama, dada, hey, hi, Kit-Kat (has her own version of it), bye
I know there is so much more that I can't think of right now.

I have so many 1st birthday pictures that they will need to be put into more than one post.  Here are a few.

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Skye said...

Aww Hooray for Kylie! Happy One Year! I love the part about petting kit-kat. Funny b/c Julianna just started doing the same thing- just started petting instead of pulling Pepper's fur! haaha! ANd I am super jealous of her giving up her pacifier... We have created a monster with Julianna and her pacifier... gonna be fun trying to take it away eventually. LOL
ANd laughing... oh yes the laughing. Aren't baby giggles about the cutest thing ever!! :)