Friday, May 6, 2011

11 Months, Easter, and Catching Up

Didn't realize it had been so long since I have posted.  In my defense, I have a very busy 11 month old!  Kylie turned 11 months almost 2 weeks ago.....She's doing more and more each day and is just getting smarter and smarter!  She's not walking yet and probably won't be by her 1st birthday.  She seems to be very cautious and doesn't like to fall!  She's saying more and more things.  We're working on not drinking out of a bottle and she's doing really good, she still gets one at night time, but the rest of the time is cups.  I haven't wanted to mess with the night time ritual since I finally got her back to sleeping in her own crib, all night long.  Yes, she's finally back being a good sleeper, and sleeps 11-12 hours at night, sometimes not waking up at all!  Also....Kylie gave up her pacifier all on her own, just stopped wanting it and now it's been almost 3 weeks since she last used it, so I say she's done with it!

Kylie got to celebrate her first Easter recently!  Pictures below.

In a couple of weeks, she will be turning 1, it's hard to believe my baby girl is about to be 1!  This year has flown by.

Lots of pictures below....

Easter Dress!

playing peek-a-boo with her caterpillar

Kit-Kat walked by

having a really bad day :(


Unknown said...

Don't you feel like their personalities have really taken off! I mean as mom's we notice it sooner, but I think that it's becoming more obvious to friends and other family. I love the pic of her with her hand on her face...home alone style. It super cute. And she has an adorable easter dress!

Alicia said...

I have loved watching her personality develop and I agree, family and friends are really getting to see her true personality! She was being so silly the day I took the "home alone pic" it was so funny, she was just full of funny faces and really showing off for the camera :)

Skye said...

Happy 11 months to Kylie!! (Ok, it's belated I guess!) - The big "ONE" is coming up soon for our girls! I will admit it is a little sad ... I feel like they grow sooo fast (TOO FAST!) ... Love the pictures and Enjoy your "First" Mother's Day!!

Amanda said...

What a happy baby :)