Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Weekend of Firsts....

Saturday, Kylie went to the Lovefest and got to see her first parade.  She seemed to enjoy it, except for the sirens, she did tear up with those.  I think she loved watching all the people and the floats going by, she is such a people watcher and sooooo nosy!  After the parade, we shopped at the Lovefest and she enjoyed seeing people and didn't mind when people talked to her or even held her, she did great.  One of her favorite parts was touching a cold metal pole (it's the little things in life!).  As we were leaving, she actually started waving for real (before she would raise her arm and we would assume it was a wave, but now we knew it was for real!).  We think maybe it was from seeing all the people waving during the parade.  She now waves at, Kit-Kat, the tv, her toys....sometimes she also says Hey while she's waving, so cute!  Later on Saturday, she actually crawled on all fours, just a short distance, but she still did it.  I think she prefers the one armed belly crawl because she is so fast that way and it's less work.

Kylie waving :) she raises her arm and moves her fingers/hand
Kylie has been having horrible nights lately....last week her top left tooth broke thru, yesterday I noticed a bottom one has broken thru and her top right one is right below the surface, so poor baby has 3 teeth coming in at once, no wonder she has been so miserable.  Once these come in, she will have 3 on the bottom and 2 on the top.

OH!!!! Her hair is getting nice and long and bows stay in it now, even the bows that don't have the no slip grip are staying in, so exciting :) I'm ready for pigtails!

check out that bow!  I know it doesn't match...that's not important, it's just important that it's in there and stayed for a long time!

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kitten said...

Yay for the hair bow!!! xoxo