Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Trip to the park and packing.....

Sunday, the weather was beautiful so we decided to take Kylie to the park and let her swing!  She wasn't real sure at first, but soon you could tell that she really enjoyed it.  I'm sure we will be going back there all the time now!  Of course I took pictures.....Photo uploader decided to randomly turn some of my pics and I don't want to redo it so just turn your head please :)

not real sure about the swing

there's a little smile

very unsure about the slide

looking up at Daddy while he pushes her!

that sure was fun!

Sunday, I was needing to get some packing done, easier said than done with a mobile baby in the room.  She made herself very useful, I would pack something and she would reach in the suitcase and unpack it, usually throwing the item behind her.  I finally got tired of packing and decided that putting a cute hat on her and taking pictures would be more fun :)

trying to look all sweet and innocent, she didn't stay sitting there for long!

hmmm...what's this

those don't need to be in there

notice the mitten by her foot....luckily I wasn't really packing yet, was just gathering everything that I was going to take.

such a cute hat!

love this look on her face!


Skye said...

It's ok , I turned my laptop on it's side! HAHA!
Great pictures... and I love her hat. Kylie looks pretty happy to be in the swing after not being too sure about it. I can't wait until we have nice weather here so I can bring Julianna to the park and put her in the swings. Maybe another month & 1/2!

Alicia said...

Good thinking on the laptop, I've done that before also!
She cried at first in the swing, but soon realized it was a lot of fun. I bet Julianna will love the park when you take her, hopefully the weather will warm up soon for you! We were below freezing last week and in the 70s today, one extreme to the other, but most likely our winter is over.