Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First Tooth!

After a lot of miserable days and nights, a tooth has finally broken thru, I found it yesterday morning! I'm hoping that she will have a little bit of relief before starting on any of her other teeth. It's hard to believe that this little bitty tooth has caused us so much problems and so many sleepless nights. The tooth isn't out much yet, but it is already very sharp! She doesn't like us looking at it and will refuse to open her mouth most of the time. I usually wait until she's laughing or crying and her mouth is open then I take a peek :)

don't know why this picture rotated, it wasn't like this when I uploaded it....if you go from the middle of her nose to her gum then you can see a jagged line of white, that's the tooth.

doing a lot of chewing

having so much fun!


kitten said...

Congratulations Kylie! Your little friend Nadine is still toofless, maybe you can teach her some tricks on how she can get her toof out. Hahaha.

Alicia said...

Kylie's advice is to drool a lot and chew on EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!