Monday, November 15, 2010

San Antonio

This past weekend, Chad's company had their annual party in San Antonio, the parties are always fun and we really wanted to go.....which meant having to leave Kylie overnight for the first time!  My mom came and took care of her and Kylie did great, don't think she even missed us!

We stayed at the Marriott Riverwalk and had a great room with a great view of the Riverwalk, even had a balcony overlooking the river.  Dinner was great, we ate at Boudros
We really enjoyed the trip and had a lot of fun, but we were both ready to get back home to Kylie!


Skye said...

Wow, I give you credit... sounds like you enjoyed yourself & did good without Kylie! We left Julianna the other day for 10 hours and I was missing her soooo much by the time we got home! I am dreading that first time we leave her 'overnight'! :)

Alicia said...

I dreaded having to leave her and I have only left her once for a whole day, so it was really hard! We were both very ready to get home to her the next day, but it wsa nice to get out. I don't think I'll be leaving her again for a long time though!