Friday, July 9, 2010

Pictures from the week....

Kylie slept for the longest ever last night!!! Fed her around 9:30 PM and not again until 4 AM! I woke up several times to check on her, not used to sleeping that many hours in a row :) but we both woke up very rested this morning. Kylie has also been holding her head up a lot now! She seems to do it any chance she gets and is doing a great job, each day she can hold it up for longer and longer, makes it hard to burp her on your shoulder though because she would prefer to hold up her head and just look around.

Just going to share some pictures from this week.
hmm...maybe if I turn this way I don't have to sleep

really don't want to go to sleep

soooooo tired, but still fighting that sleep

finally gave in and went to sleep

look at how I can hold up my neck!

tummy time is fun!

I look like a big girl here!

just relaxin'

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