Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School

The day all teachers dread has arrived...I survived the first day and am exhausted. I have a smaller class than usual right now, but I am sure some will be moved in before long. I survived the mountain of school supplies, actually got some put away and sorted back out to the kids. I got all my kids home the right way, which is the most important thing on the first day. I hardly sat down today other than to eat a very quick lunch. That reminds me, I was starving by 12:30 when I got to eat, need to figure out a better breakfast.....I'm not even sure how much sense this post makes, I am so tired and probably not even making sense at this point. I hope tomorrow will be a little easier, I have to actually start teaching stuff tomorrow. There will be some challenges this year......Well, even though it is just 5:30, I am seriously considering taking a bath and getting in my pj's and laying on the couch and not moving until bedtime.

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