Friday, August 17, 2012

And Some More

Loves wearing Daddy's shoes
Playing ball, another favorite past time
unhappy about something~I'm sure it was all my fault!
Pretty girl!
She was in a silly mood and wanting to entertain
She wanted to go outside and ride, but I told her it was way too hot, so she convinced me to let her ride around  inside
watching her feet on the pedals~she is getting good at keeping her feet on the pedals, but doesn't understand how to actually pedal yet.
Hmmmm, I think that trike is a little over crowded
Big stuffed animals in the front and small ones in the back and only one seatbelt!
Ready for bed, she has her "plees" (pillowcases) and Aby.
Waiting patiently for Mommy at the bottom of the stairs
We are so ready for cooler temperatures, we go out early and it's still so hot.
Sneak peek of the beginnings of her Halloween costume~yes, it's August, but I had the idea, the materials were half off this week, I wasn't sure how long it would take me to make it, so I decided I would go ahead and start.  I'm sure I will eventually do a post of how I made it, will have to wait until then to see the finished product on her!

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Skye said...

I love Kylie's Watermelon dress! So adorable!!