Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Big Girl Room!

A few weeks ago, we painted Kylie's new room pink!  We knew we wouldn't be able to get much painting done with a toddler helping us, so Grandma and Grandpa kept her for the weekend. It was her first time to be away from us for two nights in a row and her first time to ride in a car without mommy or daddy with her.  We all did a great job being apart :) and she was very excited when we went to pick her up.  

We haven't moved her to her new room yet, it's not finished and we're wanting to still keep her in her crib a little while longer.  I like her being confined at night.
She was exhausted after spending the weekend with her grandparents.
I didn't mind the cuddles at all, don't get much of those anymore.
A lot more has been done since these pictures were taken.  I am slowly getting thru the tons and tons of pics I take and there will be a post with newer pics of her big girl room soon!

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Skye said...

Wow - Love the color! We just painted our living room & kitchen - and we had to have someone watch her for 2 days too - no way could she have been here during all that. It woud have been a disaster. We are keeping Julianna in her crib (in her room) as long as possible. I feel she is not old enough to be in her convertible bed yet. We are not in a rush... seems like everyone is in a rush and then wakes up to a room torn to pieces. No thanks LOL