Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Birthday PawPaw!

She's wearing her "Birthday Girl" dress in honor of her PawPaw's Birthday!
such a sweet picture!!!!
family fun ;)
ignore the bag of trash, he was on his way out when Kylie distracted him....notice that they each have their own book, apparently they couldn't agree on which one to read
still reading their own books
sitting, nice and relaxed, and then......
she spots something that makes her very happy......
It's Happy Cat!!!!! (Don't tell Kit-Kat that there's another kitty in Kylie's life!)


Skye said...

"Paw Paw" _ what a cute name for grandpa! And the pillow pets! Oooh I have been dying to get one of those for Jules. I think she would love it and clearly Kylie does! How awesome!

Alicia said...

That's what my dad wanted to be called! Pillow pets are great, you have to get her one or two or three ;) We have a couple! Kylie actually learned how to "pet and not pull" by petting a pillow pet and now she's a lot more careful with real animals. The one in the picture is my great nieces, we have a reindeer and a pink bunny!