Thursday, May 13, 2010

38 weeks & 4 days~Dr.'s Appointment and Pictures

Yesterday I had a dr.'s appt. at 38 weeks 4 days. My blood pressure was good and all my lab results from the week before were fine. I had felt pretty sick the day before and mentioned it to the dr. he felt it was normal at this point to have days like that and I had a feeling it was from the horrible heartburn I had. He increased my heartburn medicine and last night was so much better! I go back on Wed, unless the baby decides to come before then, and will have an ultrasound to check on the size of the baby. I'm crossing my fingers that the baby will come before next weeks appointment, I am ready for this little one to be here! My due date is in just a little over a week, and the dr. expects me to deliver within a week of the due date, hopefully before, do not want to be a week late or even worse 2 weeks late!

38 weeks 2 days
Following are just some pictures of some of the flowers in our yard
Black and Blue Salvia~this plant is huge, I really need to stake it, just haven't got out there to take care of that yet.

Red Salvia

You can see the Black and Blue Salvia laying over in this picture

My plumeria leaves are growing, sure hope it blooms again this year
Didn't realize how ugly this bloom was when I took it....Painted Lady Hibiscus
One of my new hibiscus~love the bloom!

New yellow hibiscus, it's really pretty!

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