Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One Month Old!

It's hard to believe that Bailey is already one month!  She had her check-up and is absolutely perfect :)  She's 10 lbs 1.5 oz and 22 1/4 inches long.  Her length puts her in the 93rd%, she's going to be a tall one!

Bailey is a good sleeper at night, but not so much during the day.  During the day she likes to be held when she's sleeping.  She has also had a few days where gas has been bothering her.  She has slept as long as 5 1/2 hours at night, but usually closer to 4 hours.  The one long stretch of sleep really helps.

She is giving real smiles now and Kylie seems to be her favorite. Bailey gives Kylie big smiles all the time and is always turning her head to look when she hears Kylie talking.  The love between the two of them is amazing already.  Kylie loves her so much and always wants to help us with Bailey.

Bailey spends some time on her play mat on the floor, but she only enjoys it if Kylie is down there with her.  She loves her bouncy seat and usually will get quiet while in the swing.  She's staying awake a lot more during the day and starting to interact with us.

I'm going to try hard to keep up with this blog, I've enjoyed going back and reading about Kylie at this age so I want to have the same for Bailey also.  I still have pictures to post from the day she was born and since, so I'll probably just have several posts of pictures.

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