Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I know I have posted about her hair before, but when she was bald for so long, it is so exciting that she is getting sooooo much hair.  It's even more fun because her hair is curly and wild.  I love it!  All it takes is a little bit of humidity (and being in Houston we always have more than a little) or for her to play and her head to get sweaty and her hair turns so curly!  Usually it starts out straight in the mornings and by evening time it is curly.
some of the curls even make perfect circles 


Skye said...

Look at all that hair! How exciting indeed! So precious! Julianna has that curly hair too - so much fun! I love it!

Shana said...

so so so so cute!!! Jacob had hair like that. I miss it!