Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just playing!

LOVES to eat

can you even find her in all those toys???

doesn't crawl forward yet, but can get all around the room backwards

stuck under the chair

standing up! I put her in that position and was close enough to catch her if she fell



Unknown said...

How grown up! You gave me an idea let her stand like that...Thanks!

Alicia said...

Yes, let her stand, but be very, very close because she will fall over a lot! Kylie is nowhere near standing on her own, but she sure loves when I stand her up against something :)

Skye said...

And I thought I put Julianna on her play mat with a ton of toys! You win that contest LOL! Isn't that the best though?! It keeps them occupied for a while!
ANd I love that Kylie crawls backwards. That is so funny. I am jealous. Julianna hates being on her belly and I doubt she will ever crawl. We suspect she will go right to walking! She does like standing already. Guess that's a good & bad thing...

kitten said...

Oh my, look at all those toys! Our babies are so lucky, I don't remember growing up having that many toys. The backward crawling is so cute. :)