Monday, August 23, 2010

3 Months Old Today!

Kylie is 3 months old today!

The most exciting thing for the month is that she laughed out loud! Kylie is sleeping really good at night, 10-12 hours usually and most nights she doesn't even make a sound until around 4. Kylie still loves to watch her mobile and also talks to it. Her bouncy seat and the play gym are favorites also. She loves the penguin on the play gym and always battles with it. She spends some time each day in her swing, though it doesn't put her to sleep like it used to, she likes to stay awake and smile at the zebra or the red button. Kylie will hold onto rattles and shake them. She is chewing on anything and everything that she can get to her mouth, including her clothes and our clothes... Kylie makes a lot of noises, sometimes quiet noises and other times it's a shrieking noise. Kylie hasn't rolled over yet, but she has gotten real close lately, if she could just figure out what to do with her one arm then she would be able to roll all the way over. Most mornings she is practically on her stomach when she wakes up. She also moves all around in her crib at night, I'll put her to bed with her head facing one way and the next time I check on her she will be turned facing the other way, not sure how she's doing it, but she is turning around in circles on her back! Kylie is still full of smiles! I think she might be teething, lots of signs pointing towards it, but can't feel/see anything coming thru yet.

Now that she's 3 months old, apparently she is too old to pose for pictures anymore. Just days ago I would get tons of good pictures of her and now all of a sudden this is all I could get today....

Happy 3 months Kylie Hope!

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