Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Around the yard...

This winter was not nice to my flowers and me being on bed rest is making it even harder on my flowers.....usually by this time, my yard looks really good and I have lots of things blooming. Well...this year I have lots of weeds blooming, but not really much else. Chad did buy me a Lawn Buddy so that I could do a little bit in the yard, I can actually pull weeds sitting on this. I am limited on how long I can be out in the yard, but the little bit of freedom sure is helping me to feel better. I lost a lot of flowers to the hard freeze this winter and some of the ones that I thought were dead are actually putting out, but it's going to be a while before they are as pretty as they have been in past years. Here are pictures of some of the plants around my yard. Ignore all the weeds in the pictures, trust me there are lots, and unfortunately I can't spend as much time as needed getting rid of them.....

May night and lantana

Roses and verbena

Hot Lips Salvia
Blue Ajuga and Fern
Cactus blooming

Red Salvia, Black and Blue, and verbena
Red Salvia
My bed rest buddy :)
new red hibiscus~to make up for one of the many that died this winter
Texas Star Hibiscus
Texas Betony
Candy Corn Plant

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Shana said...

we lost our hibiscus too! makes me sick!