Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vegas Vacation~Day 1!

Morning came early, we had to get up a little after 5 to make sure we were at the airport plenty ahead of time. When we got to the airport the lines were pretty long, but they were sending people over to the Tokyo check-in line and we were able to check-in pretty quickly over there......I was hoping that didn't mean we would have to go to Tokyo, sure not my idea of a fun vacation! Once we got thru security and found our gate, we had time to enjoy breakfast and Starbucks :) before our flight started boarding.

Finally we arrived in Las Vegas!!!!! We went and checked in and were surprised that our room was ready for us, we were expecting to leave our bags and come back in a couple of hours since it wasn't check-in time yet. MGM Grand was as beautiful as I had remembered and it sure brought back fun memories from the girl's trip several years ago! Our room was perfect and we had a good view also!
Tropicana Hotel and Mandalay Bay in the distance

Hooters Hotel right across the street

From our room, we could watch the airport shuttles pick people up and also watch everyone coming and going out the front of the hotel, it was great people watching!

The airport and mountains in the distance
We were starving so decided to eat in the food court of our hotel. The Strip was next on our agenda! It was HOT! I had been hearing nothing but stories about Vegas hurting for tourists and everything, but I don't believe it one bit, the place was packed! I don't think we went anywhere that there wasn't a crowd of people. Our first afternoon was just spent walking around and enjoying ourselves. We went in the Planet Hollywood Hotel, lots of shopping and sight seeing to do in there!

Paris Hotel~this is where we stayed last time

crowd of people gathering to cross the street

Chad in front of Bellagio
Alicia in front of Bellagio

Bellagio~love this hotel!

lots of traffic on a Sunday afternoon

Caesar's Palace

Check back for more info and pictures, lots and lots to share!

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