Monday, March 15, 2010

Today's appointment

I got the news I was afraid of today, but not what I was really wanting to hear. I'm no longer allowed to work. I need to spend most of my day on my side, alternating between left and right. I can sit straight up for meals. I can take 15 minute walks. NO sodium, need to keep it as close to zero as I possibly can. I had lost some more weight, but he said that's good, it's still water weight coming off and not to worry about that. He said it looks like we have dodged a bullet with pre eclampsia for now, but I need to keep doing what I have been doing. I monitored my blood pressure myself at home and it does get high when I'm up moving around, but luckily it always gets back to a normal range once I am resting. We have found a couple of good recipes for low sodium meals, so I'm not starving as much as I was before, but it's still a very hard diet to follow and there are so many things that I am really missing being able to eat. He said that I need to follow these guidelines until I'm 37 weeks, which is 7 more weeks, at that point if the baby is born then it will be okay. Now to just find things to keep me occupied on the couch for the next 7 weeks.....

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Unknown said...

Sounds very challenging Alicia, but I am confident you can handle it. I have plenty of books to loan or am happy to make library runs for you.

We lived in Amarillo when I was pregnant with Keith & I was on a low sodium diet, as all Dr. Lokey's patients were. It meant no canned goods because they are loaded with salt. If you like fresh vegetables, steaming or microwaving them w/o salt is quick, delicious & very nutritious.

Let me know how I can help both you & Mason. Do you have an address for a direct contribution for his family since I probably won't make it to the restaurant?