Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blankets, Bibs, Burp Cloths....

My mom made some blankets, bibs, and burp cloths for the baby. I was in the process of laying them out neatly so I could take pictures, when all of a sudden......Kit-Kat appeared flying out of nowhere, landed on the blankets and slid on the floor. She thought that was tons of fun and kept doing it over again, before finally picking a blanket that she liked and laying down on it. I never did get the good pictures I wanted, but here are some of Kit-Kat having fun :) she even let me put a bib on her! I'll wait until she's asleep later and then take some pictures where you can see the blankets and not just Kit-Kat...unless she decides to take her nap on the blankets which is what it's looking like right now. Just wait until I get out the fleece Astros blanket, she will go nuts, fleece is her favorite material!

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