Thursday, March 4, 2010

Today's appointment

Today my blood pressure was high.....having to follow a low sodium diet for a few days and other than when I am at work, I have to be laying on my side. This is hopefully going to allow my kidneys to get rid of excess salt in my body, the dr. is hoping that I am simply just retaining water. I go back Monday for the dr to check my blood pressure and some lab work. Hopefully things will have improved some. If the blood pressure doesn't go down then I will be looking at being put on bed rest. So other than tomorrow while I'm at work, I will be laying down until Monday morning.....that means no rodeo on Saturday :( Kit-Kat is excited about me having to lay down because her favorite place to nap is on my hip when I am laying on my side. The diet is going to be hard, but hopefully it's only for a few days and I'll do whatever it takes to keep this baby safe.

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