Saturday, August 2, 2008

Some of my favorite pictures.....

Well, it's Saturday night, Chad isn't here, so I am looking thru pictures on the computer....Here are some of my favorites....After just looking at a few pictures I realized that I am going to be adding tons of pictures on here and I am not putting them in any order, so enjoy a bunch of mixed up pictures!

a little red bird at our feeder

Frog theme in the upstairs bathroom...

flower in our backyard

flower girl and ring bearer

all dressed up for a Christmas party

Chad's cake

at my cousin's wedding in Feb.

this is where our huge tree was that fell down last year

Thanksgiving-Family Picture

Chad and I wearing each other's hat...

me with our flower girl!

This is one of my favorite wedding pictures.

Chad waiting for me to come down the aisle

I think this is just funny because it shows how hard it was to get the dress laced up just right.

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