Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rock, Paper, Scissors......

Now that school is started back, maybe I will have some funny stories, comments, etc. to share from the kids in my classes, all names kept confidential of course!

Yesterday, 2 kids reached for a book at the same time and both wanted it. I was really tired and told them to work it out themselves AND surprisingly they did. A 3rd child came up and told them to do rock, paper, scissors for it and the winner out of 3 times would get it. The 3rd child held the book while the others played rock, paper, scissors, there were a couple of ties, finally a winner was declared and that child took the book. Both kids said that they felt it was fair and the one that didn't win was fine with it. I watched and listened to them the whole time, but I never stepped in, I was wanting to see just what they would do on their own and I am pleasantly surprised with good problem solving skills they had. Maybe adults need to start solving their problems that way?!

I have been updating how my day is going each day and today I can sum it up by saying I am even more exhausted than I was earlier this week. I drug myself out of bed and had to dress up today, then the school was very hot, felt like the heat was on, so that just started my day off bad. I am so tired of looking at stacks of school supplies and still have a stack of papers that need to be sorted and alphabetized, so many things to do and so little energy to do it!

2 more days until the weekend!

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