Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pony Ride!

Kylie loves all animals and one of her favorites are horses (neigh neighs), so imagine how excited she was to be able to ride a pony!  We weren't sure if she would be scared since it was her first time to do something like that so one of us decided to walk beside her, just in case!  She wanted Daddy with her this time.
Kylie and Daddy waiting patiently for their turn
 The best part was when we got home and she told all her animals what she had seen at the rodeo.  She told baby chick she saw baby chicks, neigh neigh that she rode a pony, hop hop that she saw hop hops, etc.  It was so sweet listening to her talking about her day.


Shayna Murray said...

Ahhh love it! Molly had her first pony ride last summer too. I recognize that look of pure joy!!!! Such a big girl!

Skye said...

Awww this just made me smile seeing her so happy on the horsey! :) And don't you just love when they talk to their little friends (animals) and tell them stories- It melts my heart! Julianna talks to hers too and tells them everything - it's too cute!! :)

Unknown said...

She is so cute on the horse! I love the Easter pictures, too. We haven't done a bunny picture since the first year. I think it's because the giant bunny kind of freaks me out. haha. I can't believe it doesn't scare Kylie. Such a brave little girl. And she's always smiling. I love it!

Where did you get the skirt for the current first post. I think it's the wordless Wednesday post. Did you make it? It's pretty.