Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Maw!

This post is long overdue, I started it a couple weeks ago and then my laptop crashed, and I had to wait to get a new one before finishing the post.

This year for Maw's birthday we were able to surprise her at her hair appointment and then had a surprise lunch with her and some other family! She had no idea that we were going to spend her birthday with her!
Unc Mike and Aunt Charlotte brought Rudy's BBQ for Maw's birthday!! I love that she calls Uncle Mike, "Unc Mike" and I hope that is what she will always call him.
Making faces at Aunt Charlotte
It might have been Maw's birthday, but Kylie also got some presents.  I love her new little backpack, makes her look so much older wearing it!
Kylie and Aunt Charlotte
Kylie and Paw
Kylie was more than happy to provide us with some entertainment after lunch!  Looking cool with her sunglasses on :)

Aunt Charlotte showed her how to wrap her "plee" around her neck like a scarf.  Off topic...anyone else have a child who is attached to unusual things???  Kylie has 2 pillowcases that go everywhere with her and she will not sleep without them.  This is her "black plee" her other is her "red plee".

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