Sunday, March 24, 2013

Carousel Ride

After visiting the Easter Bunny, we had lunch in the food court and of course, as soon as she saw the carousel she begged to ride. I told Chad that he would have to ride with her, I've had vertigo for days and there was no way I could get on something that moves, walking was hard enough at the time.  Kylie had a great time and she's already planned which animal she is going to ride the next time, and then the next time, and then the next time!
waiting for it to start

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Skye said...

So much fun! Look at that smile! Oh and vertigo - I have been meaning to write you back - ugh- I had/have that - went through a few bad bouts of it in the last few years - its terrible. No more rides for me ever. I'll write you tomorrow :)