Sunday, December 2, 2012

Two and A Half!

It's hard to believe that Kylie is already 2 1/2 years old!  I know everyone says it and I've said it over and over, but they really do grow up way too fast.  Kylie is doing so many fun things now, I know I will never remember it all.

~wears a size 2T or 3T and has a few 18 month clothes she can still fit in
~wears a size 6 shoe
~is approx 30ish pounds, last time I weighed her I think she was 31
~loves pickles, cheese, cream cheese, butter, crackers, spam, hot dogs, green beans, and french fries...those are the things she is pretty much guaranteed to eat.  She does eat other things, when she wants to and that changes from one meal to the next.  I really have trouble sometimes figuring out what to feed her.  She eats whatever I have cooked for us and then I make sure and try to put something on her plate that I'm pretty sure she will eat.  Sometimes she really surprises us and eats things that we never expected, for example spinach and goat cheese!
~still loves Mickey Mouse and still calls him Ka
~loves anything and everything Elmo
~favorite shows...Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, DocMcStuffins, Curious George, Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi, Cat in the Hat, Little Einsteins
~has a great memory and remembers anything and everything, even "tattling" about things mom or dad have done!
~loves to sing and dance, Dancing With the Stars was a hit this season, she loved to dance along with them and then "bow" at the end (that's what she called it when the guy would dip the girl at the end of a dance)
~knows her colors, can count pretty high (for a 2 year old), knows some of her letters, knows some of her numbers.  She actually knows more than she lets us know, we usually find out by listening to her play or watching tv and then we realize she knew more things than we thought she did!
~loves animals and some of her favorite toys are beanie babies.
~she sleeps with so many stuffed animals in her bed, I'm not sure how there is room for her and if one friend is missing, she knows and will insist I search and find it.
~is finally calling us Mommy and Daddy instead of Mom and Dad, so glad it's Mommy now!
~is saying a lot of phrases lately...the newest and my current favorite is "excue me"  she says it when she burps, when she is trying to get past you and you're in the way, if she bumps into you, or even today she knocked her monkey friend over and told him "excue me" as she was picking him back up!
~she uses please and thank you a lot of the time
~loves cars, trains, and airplanes!
~loves going outside when Daddy gets home to look at the moon, stars, and airplanes
~is a great helper around the house~gets Daddy's socks out of the pile of clothes and will put them on the bed, helps unload the dishwasher, holds the dustpan when I'm sweeping, she does all kinds of things around the house.

I love my big girl so much!

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