Friday, December 21, 2012

Moody Gardens~Rainforest

Next up was the Rainforest Pyramid.  We had planned on going out on the boat, but with it raining we decided we would save that for another day.
Huge poinsettia tree

As you enter the Rainforest Pyramid, you can hear different sounds that would be heard in a rainforest.  Kylie was very unsure and confused about the noises at first, they were pretty loud and some she recognized, such as bees!  Once she understood that it was just the noises and not actual bees or anything else flying by her ear then she was fine.  Her facial expressions were priceless while listening!

Love this one, Kylie and Daddy are both listening to the sounds of the rainforest and trying to figure it out!

River otters
Running along with the river otters
River otter
Pretty flowers
The pink things are birds
We also saw monkeys and a sloth, but they weren't where we could get a good picture of them.  I think this is the off season for butterflies, as they all appeared to be "sleeping"...
Pointing at something
There was a blue frog in there!

Have to say, I'm glad the Corpse Flower wasn't in bloom, I do not understand the attraction to a flower that smells like a dead body!
Best thing about going on a very rainy day~plenty of room to run!
Check back for Part 3 later!

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