Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy and Neighs

Kylie and Paw~he needed a chair, they were out there for a long time!  In this picture, he's pointing out the moon.  She absolutely loves the moon and we go out daily, well nightly, to see if we can see it or not.  Kylie also loves looking at the stars, which where we live we really don't get to see that many.
Two of Kylie's favorite things at Maw and Paw's are Happy (their cat Happy Cat) and the neighs (horses).  Anytime we mention going there she always starts talking about them.  The last time she visited, the horses were right by the fence and her and Paw spent quite a long time visiting with the horses.  She's learned their names also~Aggie, Bubba (she says it so cute), and she insists the third one is Eeyore (though his name is actually Buck).

Petting Aggie
Talking to both Aggie and Bubba
I think this one is so cute, looks like Bubba is listening to whatever it is they are talking about!
This one is a favorite also, the way her hand is up by her face and the look on her face as she's looking at him!
Now, Kylie is showing Paw where the moon is
Doing her hand to the horses and saying "mere" for them to come closer.
She loves Happy Cat so much!

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