Friday, December 21, 2012

Moody Gardens~Festival of Lights

After a busy day, we decided it was time to check into our hotel and hopefully get a nap before going back to Moody Gardens for the Festival of Lights!  Our room had a balcony with a great view of the ocean, too bad the weather was so yucky so we couldn't really enjoy it.
I tried and tried to get her to look at the camera, but she was too fascinated with the buttons on her dress, so this is the best picture we got.

When we got back to Moody Gardens, I went to get the stroller out of the back while Chad got Kylie out of her carseat.  The lights involved a lot of walking and she is just too heavy to carry for long distances anymore.  I unlocked the tailgate, tried to open it and nothing happened, I locked and unlocked it several times and still nothing (did I mention a lot of things went wrong on this trip????).  The handle would lift up, but it wouldn't open the tailgate and the cover I have doesn't have a lock on top, so there was no getting in it unless the tailgate would open.  

Chad said we would just rent a stroller and worry about getting it open later. We got lucky and when we were asking about where to rent a stroller, a lady was standing there and told us we could have the one she had been using!
Finger pointing and ready to go!
Pictures don't do it justice, it was so pretty.
Fairytale section of lights
Trying the slipper on
Loved this~Santa catching a wave ;)
One of Kylie's favorites, she loves trains!
Santa and his reindeer
After walking thru the lights, we went inside to see a 3D movie.  Kylie had never been in a theater before and we had no idea how she would act and were prepared to leave if we needed to.
Waiting to go in the theater
FAVORITE PICTURES~glasses on and ready for the movie to start!!
 During the previews, the music stopped, but the picture was still on, she kept saying "Mommy sing???".  I told her the music would be back on in just a minute, to be patient, she then decided to sing herself and very loudly started singing "La La La La" it was so funny!  Once the movie started, she sat there very quietly and watched the whole movie (it was a short one).  She kept her glasses on for about half the time and anytime the snow was falling, she kept reaching out to touch it, so cute!

Afterwards, I attempted again to get my tailgate open and still no luck.  At that time, I became a little bit worried, all of our stuff was back there, except for Kylie's extra clothes, but we couldn't get to her milk, mine or Chad's clothes, nothing we had packed for the trip.  We decided to make a trip to Walmart and buy a few things just to get us thru the night, um, yep, that was an experience in itself, not the best place to be late at night, but we had no choice.  It made me appreciate the Walmart near our house so much more, hope I never have to set foot in that other one again!


Skye said...

Ooh that stinks about the tailgate. Nothing worse than when something goes wrong with the car on vacation!
What a beautiful light display! My husband is from syracuse NY and they have a light display like that up there, except its freezing there and you get to drive through b/c no one in their right mind would walk! haha!

Alicia said...

I imagine it would be cold there! We wouldn't have even needed jackets if it wasn't for the wind and it was damp from raining all day. It's nice you just walk along at your own pace and a lot of it is right on the water, so pretty! Plus, the bad weather earlier in the day scared a lot of the people off, not as busy as it should have been.