Thursday, June 5, 2014

Party Day!!

She insisted on Glamour (purple stuffed cheetah) being in the picture with her.  Glamour hasn't left her side since the day she got her.
Mommy insisted on a picture without Glamour
Mommy and her girls!  You can see that Kylie's eyelid is red and swollen.  For over a year now, whenever she gets an upper respiratory infection, once the fever breaks and she starts feeling better, her one eye gets red and swollen.  The first few times I was worried, but now I am happy when I see it happen because I know that the worst is over and she's getting better.
Ready for the party to start!
Little One is excited about the birthday party :)
I  love this picture!  After lunch, Chad took her into a bedroom and we hurriedly got cake and ice cream ready.  I then asked everyone to hide in the kitchen so we could surprise Kylie.  I went to where she was and told her to come out because everyone had left.  She walked out behind me, moving very fast.  The look on her face says it all, she was surprised!  She told us later that she really thought everyone had left.  I'm so glad we were able to actually surprise her.
She was starting to get tired.  She didn't enjoy opening the presents as much as she normally would have, but she enjoyed going through them all the next day when she was well rested.
She looked at and "read" her cards.
A bicycle!  We haven't even had a chance to ride it outside yet, it's rained almost every day since getting it.

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