Tuesday, June 17, 2014

3 Months Old

Bailey is 3 months old.  No check-up so I don't know her measurements, but I know she's growing.  She's outgrown so many of her footed pj's, 6 months are too short and the feet are too small.  Weight wise she can wear some 3 months still, but mainly 6 months.  For length she needs 9 months or larger. Bailey is tolerating tummy time more.  

She likes to be on the floor and looking at all her toys.  She can grab and hold onto ones that are hanging down.  This past month she laughed out loud.  She smiles all the time. Bailey loves Kylie so much, she just lights up when she sees or hear her.  Bailey is still a good sleeper.  She's easy going most of the time.  Bailey always has her hands in her mouth, she's constantly chewing and drooling.  I'm wondering if she's teething already. No sign of any breaking through.

Next dr appt will be in a month.

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