Monday, June 2, 2014

4 Years Old!

Woke up with a low grade fever, decided to take her to the dr since it was going to be a long weekend.  It's not fair having to go to the dr. on your birthday!
It's hard to believe that Kylie is four years old!!  Unfortunately she was sick on her actual birthday and then we had to postpone her party also because of her being sick.
She was excited for a special breakfast, but she didn't end up eating it, her throat hurt too bad.
Kylie has grown and changed so much over the past year.  Her first year of preschool was a great success!  She loved going and looked forward to it each time.  She's already asking when school will start back.  This year she went 2 days a week, next year she will be going 4 days a week.  I know she is going to love it, though she will miss her teachers from this year.

Weight 35.8 pounds (55th %)
Height 39.2 inches (38th%)
Kylie is still on the smaller side.  She wasn't looking forward to the shots, but was brave and only cried a little.  She did walk out very slowly.  Bribery helped....I had some plastic animals in my pocket, plus we went to Toys R Us to spend birthday money, and then to Jason's Deli (free ice cream) for lunch.  Her poor legs were really red from the shots for a few days.

About Kylie...
~she loves My Little Pony and seems to have most of the toys, her party was also this theme
~loves little plastic animals, like is completely obsessed with them....she has so many, I couldn't even guess how many she has.  She likes for them to be with their families so she always wants to have more than one of each kind.  Her biggest obsession is the puppies right now.
~Kylie loves to sort things out into like groups-her animals, play food, coins, pretty much anything that can be sorted.
~Kylie is a great big sister and loves Bailey so much.  She is always trying to help with Bailey.
~We had Kylie tested and she's now in speech at the elementary school, she goes for 30 minutes a week to help with some of her sounds.  They think she'll most likely be in it for just a year, so hopefully she will be finished before she starts kinder.
~Kylie LOVES to talk, as in she never stops talking!  She can talk about anything and everything and carries on conversations with herself if there's no one willing to talk to her at the time.
~Kylie has a great imagination, last night she was hollering for her animals to get out of the trees outside.  Seems like her animals are always getting into some kind of trouble!
~Kylie remembers everything she hears and loves to learn new things.
Fever spiked in the afternoon and this is how she spent most of her birthday :(

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