Friday, September 21, 2012

Toby Keith!

Kylie spent the weekend at Maw and Paw's house and we got to go see a concert!  I don't remember when I went to one last, but I know it was before I was pregnant with Kylie.  We even got very lucky with the weather, a little bit of a cool front came thru that day, temps in the 80s, there was no humidity, and a nice breeze, which is unheard of in early September in Houston!  We had expected to be miserably hot and sweaty the whole time, but the weather really was perfect for this time of year. 
Toby Keith always puts on a great show!  We had lawn seats which makes for really good people watching, there were some interesting ones sitting near us that's for sure!

Roger Clemens even made an appearance at the beginning of Red Solo Cup
Toby Keith is very patriotic and supportive of our troops.  At the end he had a soldiers wife come up on stage (her husband was currently serving in Afghanistan) as he sang American Soldier.
As he finished the song, her husband came out on stage to surprise her!!!  It was an amazing moment!

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