Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Paw!

The end of August we celebrated Paw's birthday, I think Kylie's favorite part was the cake and ice cream! Lots and lots and lots of pictures in this post! 
Maw was letting Kylie help herself to the icing :)
Sooooo good!
Showing Paw what she had been doing ;)
Of course Paw didn't mind one bit!
Kylie and her Paw
No, don't take the cake away!
Still can't figure out how they were able to have a conversation with those 2 girls in there!
You go that way!
Running in the house~only at Maw and Paw's!
No time to be still for a hug
Keeping the birthday boy entertained.  I'm pretty sure he was worn out after the day was over!
An attempt at a family picture
She was obviously thrilled to be taking a picture with us ;)
In her defense she had fallen out of bed the night before and was hurt/scared pretty bad, so we were going on just a few hours of sleep.
Finally a better picture


Skye said...

Kylie loves her cake & icecream LOL - cute! Happy birthdy to Paw! So cute! Kylie's friend is adorable too! SOrry to hear Kylie fell out of bed- that is my fear here too! That's the way our attempt at family portraits go too LOL - the kid is squirming to run far away! LOL

Alicia said...

Kylie's friend is her cousin, my brother's grandbaby~yes, my brother is a grandpa and he's only in his 30s! She is almost exactly 1 year older than Kylie and they get along so great and love each other so much.

Kylie falling out of the bed was our scariest night ever. Based on how she was laying, the noise it made when she fell, and what she told us about it.....she was leaning over the end of her daybed (which is pretty tall) and fell over. She landed flat on her back. Long story short, she ended up throwing up, we called the dr. in the middle of the night, and we were up all night long. We are so lucky because she seemed to be perfectly fine, other than a bruise across her throat, no clue how that happened, but she kept telling us her neck hurt and pointing there after she fell. it still scares us so bad thinking about that night.